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Things to do in Ha Giang, What to do in Ha Giang: Reviews & FAQs

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All experience travel Ha Giang, Things to do in Ha Giang

What did you know about Ha Giang, what to do in Ha Giang ? Things to do in Ha Giang ?. Do you love travelling and want to visit Ha Giang, Vietnam in the near future?  Explore our article below to find out all about tourism in Ha Giang right now.

Ha Giang is known as the land of “flowers blooming on rocks”. This land is gradually becoming an attractive destination for so many tourists who love the wild and poetic beauty of this place. The following article will summarize and recommend for you the destinations, places of fun, things to do in Ha Giang and the foods that cannot be enjoyed when going to Ha Giang Tour!

About Ha Giang, Vietnam

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the northeast of Vietnam, about 2,000 meters from the sea level, where there are majestic hills, mountains and many large and small valleys. Nature was extremely endowed

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Ha Giang has picturesque natural scenery with mountains, forests, rivers and vast fields of flowers.

When coming to Ha Giang, tourists not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery but also can immerse themselves into the multicultural space of 24 different ethnic groups of this place. This is also the “attractive” tourist to Ha Giang tour, making people go once and want to return to Ha Giang a second time.

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Should tourists visit Ha Giang at any time of the year?

Ha Giang tourism in every season has its own beauty and unique tourist attractions. However, this article would suggest to travellers the three most suitable time to go to Ha Giang Tour during the year.

  • From the end of December to January of the lunar calendar: This is the time when Ha Giang is filled with spring colours, this Northeastern mountain forest like changing flesh, wearing a new vitality. 

People pulled together to Ha Giang after Tet to enjoy the scenery of immense green mountains and rivers hidden in white clouds, below are immense hills of plum and peach blossom. Both Ha Giang immersed in the warm pink and fresh. Wherever you go to Ha Giang, you also see flowers blooming, birds singing and hearing the murmuring stream very happy.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass Ha Giang

  • May to June of the solar calendar: This time is when Ha Giang has turned to summer. The vibrant warm pink of grass flowers was gradually replaced by the greenery of the leaves. 

Ha Giang is green, leaning on the corn hills, the green valley. The showers did not make an appointment but came and went suddenly. After the rain, clouds hovered across the hill, which makes every visitor so passionate and wandering as if in a fairyland.

  • October to December: This is the busiest season of Ha Giang. Tourists will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the space filled with Buckwheat flowers – the arrogant and charming flowers of the Northeast mountains. 

In the season of Buckwheat flowers, you can see the colours of flowers everywhere, the sky and the sky are immersed in the colour of flowers. From the vast fields to the huge rocky plateau, visitors come across purple roses adorned by this tiny flower. The stunning natural paintings here are a never-ending source of inspiration for photographers. And if you want great photos, check out Ha Giang from October to December!

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Certain spots to visit when travelling to Ha Giang

Yen Minh pine hill

Yen Minh is a small town northeast of Ha Giang, about 100 km from Ha Giang city. The climate here is fresh and airy all year round. Visitors can be overwhelmed by the scenery of Eden with rows of green pine trees, soaring up to the cloudy sky, fluttering gently with each cool breeze. 

Here, visitors to Ha Giang tour can take a walk, enjoy the mountain scenery and take beautiful photos for life. These are things to do in Ha Giang.

Sung La Valley

Sung La is called by the beloved name “flower in the middle of Ha Giang stone plateau”. It attracts visitors with the wild and peaceful beauty of the green hills, rose valley and a few small houses. This mountainous region is famous for its ancient customs and is still kept intact to this day such as carrying a baby for transplanting, carrying a basket to pick vegetables or weaving linen for fabric. 

Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley

This is a remote and sprawling countryside, with only about 60 households living and settling, including Lo Lo, Han and Mong people. Life here is so peaceful that tourists visit here and are stuck with it.

Lung Cu flagpole

Lung Cu Flagpole is located at Lung Cu peak (Dragon mountain peak), 1500m higher than the sea surface and is the northernmost point of the country. This flagpole is modelled after the shape of a Hanoi flagpole, but it is smaller in size.

Standing from above looking down, the Lung Cu flagpole stands in the middle of the cloudy and majestic river like a general protecting the immature river of Vietnam. Ha Giang tourists need to conquer nearly 400 stone steps to reach the flag and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature here. 

Dong Van stone plateau coincides with each other, each Buckwheat flower hill is connected like a pink silk strip, and in the distance are two “dragon eye” lakes clearly visible. All create a natural masterpiece Ha Giang is nowhere to be found.

What festivals in Ha Giang you should particiapate in the tourist season?

Buckwheat Flowers Festival

Buckwheat Flowers is a flower with slender shape, charming but potentially intense vitality. Every month, around mid-October, everyone pulls up to Ha Giang to see the Buckwheat Flower Festival. 

There are three favourable locations for visitors to enjoy the vibrant pink carpet, thousands of flowers. They are Lung Cu, Ma Pi Leng Pass and Pho Cao. In addition, visitors can also take part in other recreational activities such as exhibiting, visiting the fair, and walking around the flower street. No need to go to the Netherlands or Jeju to enjoy flowers, even Vietnam also has a forest of captivating flowers.

Long Tong Festival

The Long Tong Festival is held in January every year and is an occasion for local people to pray for favourable rain and wind, abundant crops, and peaceful life all year. The festival is divided into 2 parts: the ceremony (to worship the Mountain God, the Agriculture God, …) and the festival with bustling repertoire such as “hat then, hat coi”, ploughing competition, and tug of war.

Khau Vai Love Market Festival

Khau Vai Love Market is a festival held on the 27th of the lunar year every year. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the northeastern mountains in the spring and join in Khau Vai love market – a place for couples to find the other half, of couples in love and even the friends you used to love. 

All are directed towards a night of uplifting love only once a year. The next morning, when the wine was exhausted, the market was over, the fun was over when the couple had to part ways back to their daily life.

Fire Dance Festival

One of the most special festivals at the end of the year in Ha Giang is the fire dance festival. This festival is held to pray for god’s health and a good harvest. The priest will knock and make a herd. In turn, each young person will have a ceremony to enter the field – jumping over the fire within 3 to 4 minutes without any harm. This is a way to show the masculinity and brave spirit of the boys in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

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Unique dishes to try when travelling to Ha Giang

Thang Co – Dong Van fair

This is a very strange sounding dish and evokes curiosity for visitors to Ha Giang. In essence, “Thang Co” means stewed soup. This dish of H’Mong ethnic people, dating from ancient times, has been handed down to this day and has become a speciality of Northwestern mountains.

Thang Co is traditionally made entirely from horse meat, but in order to change the taste and variety of processing, people have modified ingredients including beef, buffalo or pigs and chickens. However, fair to say, traditional Thang Co is still a delicious dish and contains the H’Mong ethnic spirit in it.

The interesting thing is that this dish is eaten as it is served, and the pot of meat continues to be simmered. The weather that began to turn cold, with a glass of corn wine served with Thang Co was the best experience.

To have the opportunity to enjoy this special dish, visitors can go to Dong Van market and have fun with H’Mong people on Thang Co hotpot party table.

Cake made from buckwheats

This is a cake not to be missed when visitors go to Ha Giang Tour!

As the name implies, this cake is made from triangular flower seeds. Therefore, only to Ha Giang and around October to December season vascular buckwheat flower, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy this unique cake.

It is harvested and then dried for several days until easy to peel. 

After dissection, people continue to grind to make flour into cakes. This powder will be mixed with rice flour, sugar and water in a certain proportion and then spread into the mould.

These cakes will be steamed before baking up evenly on the charcoal to make the cake yellow. The standard of buckwheat cake is to be soft, porous and have the pungent taste of the mixed triangular flower.

Bac Me Lam rice

Bamboo tube rice has long been a popular dish among ethnic minorities, but it took a while to eat Bac Me Lam rice to see how many oysters flavoured tasting was still nothing.

Ha Giang people have a way of making traditional lam extremely attractive. Bac Me Lam rice flavour is special in flavour, aromatic and blended with the smell of bamboo and banana leaves. People here often eat with grilled stream fish or sesame salt, each combination has a different delicious taste.

Banh Cuon Trung (Egg rolls cake)

Ha Giang egg roll cake has a similar way to Vietnamese lowland rolls but adds eggs, and the sauce has a different flavour than the spring rolls.

Guests can request cooked eggs or peach eggs depending on personal taste. The rolls will be added with wood ear, pork, and onions.

Fish sauce is the main attraction of Ha Giang egg rolls. The sauce here has a sweet taste from the stew bone, served with spring rolls and scallions but nowhere else “imitate” the taste.

Tourists in Ha Giang often choose to eat egg rolls in the morning because of the cold weather, rolls only when eaten should always be hot and attractive.

What to prepare when traveling to Ha Giang?

  • Money, identification: You need to bring a backup ATM card, driver’s license, ID card to check in the hotel. Or if you want to go to the border area, you will be required to show identity card with a border post in that area
  • Phone, camera: this is an indispensable item in any trip. If you do not have a camera, prepare your phone with a good camera because Ha Giang has many beautiful scenes for you to check in and save.
  • Medicine: You should prepare a small medical box with basic medicines needed because Ha Giang’s climate is quite harsh. You can catch diseases such as flu, stomach ache so bring prophylactic medicine for fever, stomachache, headache, anti-mosquito cream, and anti-allergy cream.

If you do not have any plans for the upcoming vacation, or want a “relaxing” weekend, come to this thorny, dreaming Ha Giang!. Above is an overview of the places Things to do in Ha Giang, food and festivals that visitors should experience when having the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang Tour. 

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